Video Game Translation Scotland

As can be seen with literature and subtitling, translation is essential to making sure that your video game is accessible to a global audience. At The Language Room, our expertise also extends to providing premium-quality video game translation services. Regardless of the type of adventure you create, our team of expert translators are ready to delve into these new worlds and ensure that your games can be enjoyed by players around the world.

Why choose our Video Game Translation Scotland service?

First and foremost, our team of expert translators will work closely with you throughout your project. Communication is key to our processes, so you will have a dedicated project manager to help you with any queries that you may have. Due to the creative nature of video game translation, open communication is vital to ensure that your vision is being realised. Therefore, the translators working on your project will be on hand to discuss the content with you. For this reason, it also helpful to provide as much reference material as possible. It is also important to note that our linguists all comply with strict confidentiality requirements, so your work is in safe hands!

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Accuracy and expertise

Unlike the medical and technical fields, video game translation is more creative and there are many phrasing options. However, that is not to say that accuracy is any less crucial. Therefore, our Video Game Translation Scotland services work only with highly qualified, native speakers. Our aim is, above all, to supply you with premium video game translations.

Confidentiality – Video Game Translation Scotland

At The Language Room, we recognise that confidentiality is essential for our clients in all industries. Therefore, we treat all of our projects as confidential and hold our translators to these same standards. Accordingly, all of our team members and translators sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we share your materials.