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Our Transcription Services

We offer the best audio transcription services thanks to our 99% accuracy, exceptional quality assurance and our robust team of transcribers. Our services are fast, easy and affordable so that you can get accurate audio transcripts in no time. You can get your transcripts any way you want them—Word document, srt file with timecode (if you need to insert captions or subtitles), or even a text file if that’s what works best for your workflow.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way. We’ll work with you on deadlines and ensure that the transcription is accurate before we send it back to you. Our highly skilled transcribers will turn your audio or video files into true transcripts that are easy to read and understand. We can do it all: interviews, lectures, podcasts, conference calls, and more!

Who can benefit from audio transcriptions?

Video and audio transcriptions can benefit almost any business. A well-transcribed video or audio file helps you save time and money, improve employee productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

Some of the top uses for transcription services today include:
– Audio transcription for podcasts
– Video transcription for film/video production
– Medical transcriptions
– Legal transcriptions
– Academic transcriptions
– Business transcription services
– Conference call transcripts
– Sales and marketing videos
– Personal transcriptions

Types of Transcriptions

At The Language Room we offer two types of transcriptions: verbatim and non-verbatim.

What are Verbatim Transcriptions?

The verbatim version is word-for-word, including any stutters, pauses, repetitions and
hesitations from the original recording. Verbatim transcriptions are the closest type of
transcription, but they are also the most time-consuming to produce and not necessary what
you need. This type of transcription is perfect for creating subtitles for videos or captions for

What are Non-Verbatim Transcriptions?

The non-verbatim version is a natural language summary of the content excluding any
hesitations (hmm, um, er, etc.), repetitions, stutters from the recording. Non-verbatim
transcripts are not as detailed as verbatim transcripts but can be easier to read and still
convey the same message. This type of transcript may omit some words or phrases from the
original recording but maintains its meaning accurately enough for most purposes such as
research papers or product reviews.

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Transcription service Edinburgh Scotland


How you can help us to help you:
  • Use the best sound equipment possible, as good quality audio always makes our work easier.
  • Make sure that all the participants are standing close enough to the microphone.
  • Ask the participants to speak one at a time, in a clear voice.
  • Provide us with as much background information as you have, such as the context of the meeting/interview, the subject topic and key words and the number of speakers, as well as their names and roles.
Our guarantees
  • We offer efficiency and accuracy at all times; our transcripts are 99.9% accurate and on-time, guaranteed.
  • The confidentiality of the material is a top priority.
  • We can produce high volumes of cost-effective transcripts on rapid turnarounds.
  • We have a wide range of experience in working with NHS Trusts, resulting in a secure, high-quality service.


Transcription case study:

Bordeaux Hospital

In June 2017, Bordeaux Hospital (France), contacted us to have a 44 minutes and 35 seconds recording transcribed in English and translated into French. The recording was a meeting involving 7 people from the UK, Australia and the United States as part of a medical and healthcare study.

Before starting the project, we requested that the client provide the topic, along with any other information that could be useful for the typist. We assessed the client’s needs (i.e. timecodes, verbatim, etc.) and agreed on the deadline. Careful attention to detail was required as the recording concerned a study on surgery and MDT for patients suffering from rectal cancer.

A first typist with experience in medicine created the initial draft transcription. We then passed this to a second experienced typist to ensure that everything was included and the transcription was accurate. The end result was a high-quality and accurate finished transcription of 9,986 words in total, and a perfectly readable French translation.

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