Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh

Located in Scotland, The Language Room regularly delivers high-quality Scottish Gaelic translation services.  We have gathered a great deal of experience translating documents from and into Scottish Gaelic. As such, we will be happy to help with your Scottish Gaelic translation services. All our translations are of the highest quality and we always deliver on time at a competitive rate. We pride ourselves on offering our global client base top-quality translations from and into Scottish Gaelic at market-leading prices. Additionally, all our quotations are clear and transparent with no added charges. At Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh, we deliver exactly what we price for, we deliver.

We only work with Scottish Gaelic translators who have outstanding qualifications and extensive experience. Over more than ten years, we have built up a reliable team of Scottish Gaelic translators that we know we can trust. Additionally, we use a two-stage translation process; first, we pass the text on to a qualified Scottish Gaelic translator for its translation, and then, we assign a second, equally skilled translator to proofread it.

We translate a wide range of different document types into and from Scottish Gaelic, such as legal contracts, health and safety leaflets for the NHS, tourist brochures, product information inserts, sales brochures and presentations. We have also produced excellent translations for prominent companies including Wild Scotland, The Scotch Whisky Experience and Creative Scotland. Some well-known UK businesses such as Potts Print, Meriel Young Consulting and have also used our Scottish Gaelic translation services.

Some facts about the Scottish Gaelic language

  • Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language native to the north and west of Scotland. Like modern Irish and Manx, it developed from Middle Irish, and is therefore a descendant of Old Irish.
  • At one point, both Irish and Scottish Gaelic had both acute (right-slanting) and grave (left-slanting) accents. Now, however, the accent marks always slant to the right in Irish and to the left in Scottish Gaelic.
  • Scottish Gaelic is a verb-initial language so generally, all sentences have to start with a verb.


Why use Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh

  • Your project is complete only when you are satisfied with our work.
  • All our translators are qualified, native speakers.
  • All our team members have passed internal quality controls.
  • The Language Room holds professional indemnity insurance.
  • well-translated document speaks for itself.
  • world-wide client base acquired thanks to our professionalism and reliability.


Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh

Translation process

We start each Scottish Gaelic translation project by analysing the text. As each project is unique, we think it is important to work closely with our clients in order to make sure they get what they need before starting a translation. Once we understand your project fully, an experienced project manager will assign your translation to the best matching translator, taking into account the language pair, their experience in the specific field and their industry expertise. This project manager will follow your Scottish Gaelic translation from start to finish.

Moreover, we offer a customer service that does not stop when we have delivered the translated documents. Instead, your project manager will stick with the project until you are completely satisfied. Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh clients are our business and we take care to look after them all.


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