Mobile App Translation & Localisation Scotland

At The Language Room, we provide companies in all industries with high-quality translations of their mobile apps. In the same way as websites, mobile apps are a reflection of a company and therefore need to be the same level of quality. This is where our Mobile App Translation Scotland services come into play. 

Why choose The Language Room?

In order to provide premium mobile app translations, we work only with qualified translators who are native speakers of your target language. Our team includes experts in a wide range of industries. Therefore, our project managers will be able to find the best translator suited to your project. In addition, you will be allocated your own project manager, who will be your contact if you have any queries. We also adhere to the ISO 27001 standard and treat all legal information we deal with is treated as confidential.

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Accuracy and expertise

As with all translations, accuracy is key in mobile app translations. For this reason, our translators use translation software that help to ensure consistent terminology across multiple projects. Furthermore, we also work with expert linguists who specialise in your industry. Above all, our aim to always supply you with accurate translations.

Confidentiality – Mobile App Translation & Localisation Scotland services Edinburgh

At The Language Room, we recognise that confidentiality is, of course, essential for our clients in all industries. Therefore, we treat all of our projects as confidential and also hold our translators to these standards. Accordingly, all of our team members and translators sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we share your materials.

We have been successfully working with companies around the world for many years. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.