Legal translation services Edinburgh

We provide clients in Edinburgh (and further afield) with all types of legal translations, from court orders, wills and power of attorney letters to writs, letting forms, business documentation and employment correspondence, and many others. Our legal translation services Edinburgh therefore cover all legal specialities, including, but not limited to, employment, criminal, property, family and immigration.

Regardless of whether you need a partnership agreement translated from English into European Portuguese or a commercial contract from Arabic into French, our project management team is on hand to give you a quote for the precise service you are looking for. They will assign your project to one of our highly skilled, experienced and native linguists to ensure you receive a reliable and professional translation service. To this end, we deliver files localised for Scottish, English or international law and adhere to the ISO 27001 standard. To conclude, you can rest assured that all legal information we deal with is, of course, treated as confidential.

Legal translation services Scotland

Accuracy and expertise

As is the case with medical and technical texts, in particular, accuracy is paramount in legal translations due to the potentially serious consequences. Terminology is highly specific and formulaic, meaning that there are often no alternative phrases, unlike with other kinds of texts, such as marketing or literary. Moreover, translating in the field of law requires in-depth knowledge and expertise of the subject matter and the judiciary structure in both countries in question. Therefore, we work only with translators who have experience in legal translation. Our aim is to supply you with accurate and professional legal translations.

Certification – Legal translation services Edinburgh

We provide an audit trail with all our legal document translations. As the UK adheres to common law (rather than civil), this means that there are no “certified” or “sworn” translators. However, legal translations must be certified in some contexts, for example when presenting them to public authorities or official bodies. As a result, we offer two options as part of our translation services. On one hand, The Language Room confirms the translator’s identity and qualifications with a certificate. On the other hand, a solicitor can notarise the translator’s identity and qualifications.

We have been successfully working with Edinburgh-based law firms for many years. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.