Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Using the latest technology, we offer you Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI). Twinned with Zoom online-video software and a technical team, there is now no need to have your delegates in one place. They can join from a remote setting and will receive full audio interpretation as if attending the conference in person. Therefore, you can have your conference interpreted in as many languages as you need.

There is no longer a need to bring interpreters and your delegates into the conference setting. The Language Room has the technology to connect the interpreters to your delegates.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation can save you money on transport, accommodation, and venue hire. Additionally, remote interpretation is environmentally friendly; removing the need to travel. And it means you are accessible to all.

How Remote Simultaneous Interpretation works

With remote conferences, participants can be in different locations around the globe. All the interpreters are working remote and our team of experienced technicians ensure a perfect connectivity. The result is your conference can take place in as many languages as you need wherever you are in the world.

This new solution allows you to safely offer interpreting service during this time of crisis. You can continue with your business and go ahead with the events and conferences you had planned.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is conference interpretation of the future. We can help you to decrease your carbon footprint, make some substantial savings while being accessible to all. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We can help you with conference or events and can explain in more detail how we make sure your needs are met wherever you are.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


COVID-19 lockdown remote simultaneous interpretation scenario

A European collaborative project had planned to hire our services for their conference taking place in Scotland. With COVID-19 and new safety regulations in place, we had to find a solution for them to still have their conference while being in 5 different countries. With the assistance of our trusted technical partner AV Department Ltd and after having tested a few RSI platforms, we came up with a solution using Zoom twinned with the technical support of AV Department and a full team of interpreters remote.

This was a success, allowing 42 participants in 5 different countries to have their two-day conference interpreted in 4 languages. Discussions and brainstorm sessions were also made possible.

“Just a quick email to thank you and your team for providing a fantastic service last week. I thought it went very well – both technology and interpretation were of a really high quality.”

RSI conference June 2020