French interpretation services Edinburgh

French interpretation services Edinburgh are in high demand. For example, there are almost 150,000 French people living in the UK. Also, almost 4 million French speakers visit the British Isles each year. Interpreters are often required in medical, legal and social settings, such as hospitals and courts. They can also be required for business transactions. Moreover, distance is not an obstacle, as The Language Room is happy to provide interpreting over the phone or Skype.

A professional interpretation provider should offer excellent quality, prompt service and value for money. Accordingly, we work hard to offer you an efficient service with professional interpreters at a market-leading price. As such, our quotation clearly states all costs, with no hidden extras. In the event that we’re uncertain what you require, we will contact you to ensure we price for exactly what you need.

The Language Room only works with qualified and experienced professional French interpreters. Furthermore, we monitor their performance so as to guarantee the highest quality. To conclude, our aim is to provide you with a French interpretation service you can rely on at all times.

French interpretation – case studies

We have carried out many and different English and French interpreting projects. For instance, we work with several museums in France (e.g. Musée Picasso, Grand Palais, Musée du Judaïsme). Previously, these have required simultaneous interpretation for meetings with curators, gallery owners and art specialists. Also, we regularly provide interpreters for the international IT company Oracle. Oracle, for example, uses consecutive interpreting (presentations and visits) to showcase their computer systems to both managers and potential clients. Another client is Robert Gordon University, based in Aberdeen. They use our interpreters to help sell their courses on the oil and gas industry. Furthermore, we help them interact with an overseas company about staff training.

interpretation services Edinburgh

Why choose us?

  • Firstly, all our interpreters are qualified, experienced professionals.
  • Also, we only work with interpreters who have passed our internal quality controls.
  • Finally, The Language Room has professional indemnity insurance.

How it works – French interpretation services Edinburgh

At the start of any project, we work with you to identify your requirements. In effect, this allows us to ensure our interpreters meet your needs and expectations. We then ask you to provide us with as much documentation as possible to help us conduct exhaustive research. As a result, we can ensure our interpreters are thoroughly prepared for your assignment. A committed project manager will follow your project throughout and liaise with our interpreters before, during and after every assignment. What’s more, we will allocate your interpretation to our best interpreters, considering their industry expertise and experience in your specific field. Lastly, our customer service is available throughout the job should anything arise or your needs change in any way.

Contact French interpretation services Edinburgh today for a no-obligation quote or more information.