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Facts about Polish

  • Polish is a West Slavic language, closely related to Czech and Slovakian, and descended from the same proto-language as Russian.
  • Like all Slavic languages apart from Bulgarian and Macedonian, Polish does not use articles like ‘the’ and ‘a’.
  • Unlike East Slavic languages, Polish uses a form of the Latin script that contains 32 letters. Q, X and V only occur in borrowed words or brand names.
  • Polish has a politeness distinction, similar to the tu-vous distinction in French. As a result, there is a distinction between younger and older generations, as well as formal and informal situations (as in French). For example, Polish uses the title ‘Pan’ (Sir) and ‘Pani’ (Lady). If you wanted to ask someone formally if they speak English, you would ask: ‘Czy Pan (Pani) mówi po angielsku?’, which literally translates to ‘Does the Sir (Lady) speak English?’. Curiously, Polish people can even be polite when they argue. You are likely to hear ‘Pan jest idiotą’, meaning ‘Sir, you are an idiot’.
  • The name of the country Poland comes from the tribe of Polans (Polanie). Around the 9th century, several parts of Poland were united. The term itself means “field” or “plain,” which describes the country’s landscape.


Polish language Glasgow Scotland

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