Catalan translation services Edinburgh

Catalan translation services Edinburgh will deliver you an excellent service, timely delivery and value for money. At The Language Room, we work hard to offer our clients around the world an efficient Catalan translation and interpretation services at a market-leading price.

Moreover, we provide clear, concise quotations with no added extras. The price we quote is the price you pay.

We employ qualified and experienced Catalan translators. As a result, we ensure we comply with your high standards of quality by first translating your text and then passing it on to a second qualified Catalan translator, who will proofread it. Contact Catalan translation services Edinburgh now.

The Language Room guarantees

  • Your project is only complete when you are satisfied with our work.
  • All our translators are qualified, native speakers.
  • Your text will never be translated by robots.
  • All our team have passed our internal quality controls.
  • The Language Room holds professional indemnity insurance.
  • The Language Room is a professional Translation Services agency delivering translations throughout the world.

Our Translation Process

We start off by analysing your project. Each project is different so we work with you to make sure you get what you need before we start your Catalan translation. What’s more, we offer a customer service that does not stop when we deliver your documents.

The Language Room provides a customer service that goes beyond delivering high-quality Catalan translation services. Your committed project manager follows your translation from start to finish, making sure that we complete each step on time and to the highest quality standards. A project is only finished for us when you are completely satisfied.

During the process, we allocate your translation to the translator that best meets your needs, taking into account the language pair, experience in your specific field and expertise in the industry. Additionally, our customer service is always available throughout the process and continues afterwards. Our clients are our business and we take care to look after them all.

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Catalan translation services Edinburgh

We make sure we meet your requirements and deliver exactly what you need thanks to our team of experienced project managers, qualified translators and skilled linguists.

Facts about Catalan

  • Catalan is the only official language of the Principality of Andorra. It is also a co-official language of the Spanish autonomous regions of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and Valencia (where the language is known as Valencian).
  • Although we usually associate Catalan with Spanish, it is more closely related to French, falling in the Gallo-Romance branch of the Romance language tree.
  • The term in Catalan for the language is “català”.
  • Between 1940 and 1975, Catalan was banned in Spain due to Francisco Franco’s attempt to make Castilian (more widely known as “Spanish”) the only language in the country.
  • All Catalan children speak Catalan at home and at school until they are around 6 years old, when they start learning Castilian. This may explain why Catalan people feel more Catalan than Spanish and why there is such a strong movement for Catalan independence.

What services do we offer in Catalan?

At Catalan translation services Edinburgh we offer translation, interpretation, voice over, subtitling and dubbing.